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Oorijzer or ear irons are like the recent love of the 16th century costuming community. AFAIK the earliest find is dated to 1580, but they don't show up in the written record as anythign resembling oorijzer at all until 1674. An earlier reference is given in 1636, but the word oorijzer isn't even used. "Een zilveren mutsband, anders genaamd ijserken." And that's it.

Here's the reference. Page 200. In Dutch. SO HELPFUL. Downloaded the PDF though.
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Once in awhile you come across a recipe so tasty, you know you will make it again. And I have found it.

HMR Thai Peanut Chicken

In retrospect, if I am going to double the sauce to mask the taste of frozen slightly freezerburnt spinach (it's still good. I'm not wasting it damn it!)  I would use 2 tbsp water, 1 tbsp soy sauce. Currently at about 2tbsp soy sauce and this is salty and I am about 75% sure it will result in a gain tomorrow. Would also probably use fresh ginger and garlic.

All in all, I will make this again. But tweak it. Because the salt. . .  I would probably eat a green papaya salad with this too.
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Darling neighborhood children,
It's effing hot out. Grown ups, for whatever reason, enjoy sitting downstairs with the window open, having "leisure time" and trying to catch a breeze. Kindly stop screaming, unless you're at the park.  Then scream away. No, despite what your parents lead you to believe, where you live is not the park.

Thanks for driving my husband upstairs to listen to music with his headphones on. We could have been having a conversation, but your screams drowned it out.
Absolutely no love,
The Mean(est) Fat Lady
P.S. I saw the remains of an agapanthus bud. I am like Liam Neeson. I have nothing to do all day, except find you and try to scold some sense of propriety into you.
P.P.S. Yes, I used to be a nanny. Yes, I love children. Unless those children are you.
P.P.P.S. I can identify all of you by your screams. It's my superpower. Depending on the screamer, I may or may not be more sympathetic.
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10. Making the bed. We have two twin duvets, and 4 pillows. We sleep euro style. Revolutionary.
9.Vacuuming upstairs, downstairs. Because you just plug it in and go.
8. Cleaning the kitchen. Unless Roger has been home for 3 days in a row and I go into the kitchen and find all the stuff he didn't throw away/put away 2 hours after he's eaten.
7. Putting the laundry in the machines.
6. The litterboxes. It's just crappy.
5. Dusting. More just appears in two hours. POINTLESS TASK.
4. Mopping. I haven't done this since we've moved in. Being a no shoes inside house helps this. That being said, I've lived here a year. I think it's time.
3. Folding the laundry/putting away the laundry. I have a pile of clean laundry on my couch. I might lessen the pain by only putting certain things away. It's a mountain. Send help.
2. Vacuuming the actual stairs. It's terrible. Do I plug the cannister vacuum in upstairs or downstairs? Should I just use an attachment or the carpet vacuum thing?
1. Changing the sheets on the bed. Ugh. Curse these convenient duvets! I can't get the comforter in correctly. It's twisted in there! FML. 
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I was asked to be one of the chief researchers for PPFN Germany. Doing it! Right now the dates I have to work with are 1525-1575. It will be narrowed down as the date of the event draws near. I'm not a cook (I'm an eater) but it seems that only Sabina Welserin (1553) is in that time frame. Rumpolt (1581) is just out of that frame. Anna Wecker (1597) is super out of that time frame.  Every other German source I know of is much earlier (guoter Spise is 1350) and Das Kochbuch des Meisters Eberhard is 15th century. Rheinfraenkisches Kochbuch is 1445, Master Hannsen's is 1460. Do you cooks know of something I'm missing?

So I'm going to use Sabina Welserin's cookbook as my starting point. There's not so much I'll do with translation (but I could if I wanted I guess). I have the Hugo Stopp version, but a brief reading of the forward doesn't provide much information. That tricky Sabina didn't provide any context for her cookbook.

I did find something possibly useful on Google Books, The Power of a Woman's Voice in Medieval and Early Modern Literature which has a chapter titled: Sixteenth Century Cookbooks, Artes Literature, and Female Voices: Anna Weckerin (Keller) and Sabina Welser. But of course I can't read all of it. The UNR library has the book and I will attempt to go to the library and copy it.

I also found a Hans Sachs poem from 1540 which says this about dining:

Table Manners and a large image )
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Last night I had a dream I was on my way to Estrella and I stopped in the Netherlands (as you do) and I was trying to buy fabric but all I could speak was German. I couldn't even make it sound like Dutch. I kept saying "baumwolle" which is the German word for cotton, which doesn't even make sense because why would I buy cotton? The woman in the fabric shop said "wolle" like an American who speaks no German would say the word.

Then I was in Russia and I was in a square where a bunch of people were shot down and I hit the ground and lived. I blame that one on watching Archer right before bed.

When I woke up I laughed at my dreams, and then I thought about the first Dutch word I "learned," Klote, which was my aunt's dog's name. It means balls. Like testicles. Oh, that aunt of mine.
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To be completed after I finish everything else I was supposed to finish last year

1) Beltane - Rus coat, undertunic, kerchief.
2) June crown - 3.5 ounce linen tunics
3) October crown - housebook dress
4) Twelfth Night (if I won't be in Vietnam) - new 1520s germans


Aug. 1st, 2012 02:03 pm
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The very bad news: The UNCE identified it positively as a bed bug. For real. 

The good news:
The mattress is not infested as per our inspection. We dropped ca$h on mattress and box spring covers. This should be taken care of. Also, neither of us has had any reactions to bites. 

The ok news:
The landlord will take care of it via spray. Not sure how I feel about this because 1) kittens and 2) the great new york google collective seems to think heat treatment is the way to go. The manager was all like "we've never had a problem with this before" and I was all "we didn't have it at either of our parent's places and they could have come from anywhere" and he was all "well I guess we did have it in two other units but far away from yours" On the way out I told Roger people probably don't say anything, for any number of reasons. 

The bed bugs we found were on the wall near the kitten tree in the living room, and the first one I found was two weeks ago when Roger was in Atlanta. I had stripped the bed to launder things and upon making the bed, found a little mofo on the comforter. Didn't id it as a bed bug, because, why not? Flushed it without thinking. 
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Got the job. Booyeah!

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And that meeting I requested has not happened. It's apparently not going to at this point. I was told Tuesday or Wednesday but boss is gone and has said nothing.

no word from Goddard. I cant believe places don't even send an email confirming they've received your resume but aren't interested/are reviewing it.

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LOL strep throat again! 

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I feel like my relationship with my family would be so great if only I did not live here. As a result, I'm now hunting for a place to live. I think I found an interesting listing but it's tough to find somewhere within bikeable distance for $400 a month. This place is within walking distance of a grocery store, biking distance to work, and within walking distance of a nice park with a nice trail to walk on. Hopefully it's still open and I don't mind the girl I'd be living with, 
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Everyone who's expecting shipped items - we received an evacuation warning so uh, I'll ship that stuff out assuming my home doesn't burn down. 
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Here's the Edible Pedal ride information for anyone interested.
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 Kinder Milch-Schnitte - No. 
Kinder Pinguine - Yes.
Balisto Korn-Mix - yes. 
Kinder Country - meh
Kinder Ei - it's ok. 
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 Heute hat Roxy gesagt, "aber du sprichst fliesend Deutsch" 

harhar. es hat 5 jahre gedauert aber jetzt kann ich Deutsch sprechen. Lesen und Schreiben sind etwas anderes. Ich moechte beides, aber ich habe gar nicht beides geuebt. Es geht immer so mit Sprachen. . . 
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 I have 5 vacation days left, so I better damn well use them in combinations with my weekends. Where do people propose I go in May? I'm thinking somewhere safe for a woman to travel alone too so Turkey is probably out. CURSE MY LACK OF A COMPANION. 

I'm basically done with Germany and Austria. I've been to Denmark. I've been to Brussels. So where should I go before my vacation is up? I can only afford about 1 trip a month, since I'm funneling so much into savings. 

May - ???
June - Paris. 
July - Amsterdam
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I'm an Ox. According to some google result, I am a wood ox. "Wood Oxen work well as part of a team, but because of their work ethic, self-confidence and strong sense of morals, they’ll always perform better as the team’s leader. They do have a tendency to be quick-tempered and outspoken."

So here's another copy and paste list of personality traits! 
Dependable, ambitious, calm, methodical, born leader, patient, hardworking, conventional, steady, modest, logical, resolute, tenacious. Can be stubborn, dogmatic, hot-tempered, narrow-minded, materialistic, rigid, demanding.

I don't have an opinion either way. I resemble some of the traits, and there are some that are super off the mark. 

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